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I just found out that I'm pregnant. My husband and I are so happy, except for one thing.
Two weeks ago (before I knew about the baby,it was the second week of my pregnanncy)
I ate 20 Metronidazole pills(6 in a day) because of infection.

I'm now devastated to think I could have hurt our baby. What are the chances of irrevocable harm?
and is there something I can do now(killing poor child)? (Female, aged 28)


Hi there! There is no need for panic and the chances of “irrevocable harm” are not that big as you seem to believe. You probably read it from the box and it should not be used in early pregnancy because it may cause some birth defects but the thing is that the studies have been performed only on rats that were given high doses to check if the drug may be carcinogen. No mutagenic or carcinogenic effects were found once the studies were completed.

It is from these studies that the drug has been associated with negative effects. As for the infection in humans, Flagyl belongs to a B class, which means that “no controlled studies have been done in pregnant women but no evidence of fetal risk appears to be present.”

The effects seen on rats throughout the studies have never been seen in humans.

Like many other drugs ( almost all actually), flagyl (metronidazole) is also not recommended to be taken in the first trimester but it is certainly better to take it and get rid of that infection than carry the infection throughout your pregnancy.

Make sure you report this to the doctor who will be leading your pregnancy.


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