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I've recently been suffering from a few odd symptoms. I feel almost as if I'm drunk sometimes and I'm going to pass out. I have had some severe headaches that start behind my eye and go down into my neck. I've also noticed that when I "tell" my arm to do something it won't follow instructions. My legs feel weak and sometimes as if they aren't my own and when I try and explain myself my brain finds it difficult to almost put a sentence together. It makes me feel stupid but I'm worried about what this is and if it could be serious. I'm 19 from the UK normally fit and well. I suspected a mini stroke but I wondered if I was too young for this and could it happen without me realising at the time? Thank you in advance.


Hi Sha,

You are not too young to have a stroke, they can happen at any age.  Your symptoms do indicate a possible neurological problem.  It could range from an infection or a tumor.  It may also be cardiac related, lack of blood flow can cause neurological problems.

Without a complete exam we are only speculating.  See your doctor.  

If problems become more severe, seek emergency medical help.  Never delay treatment if you suspect a stroke.  Early treatment greatly improves your chances of recovery.

Good luck.