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I have swollen/enlarged occipital lymph nodes. They are painful. I am experiencing some dizziness and headaches. I also had stage II breast cancer. This has been going on for over a week.

HISTORY-I had two tumors in my left breast. Also involved were 5-lymph nodes. I had 4 months (every other week) of chemo and 40 treatments of radiation.

I guess I am alittle scared of the swollen occipital lymph nodes. I have read-up on some of the symptoms of matastic brain cancer and I don't seem to have many of the symptoms. Just the dizziness and headaches. Occasionally I think I notice my speech being a little slurred. Not sure if I have just syked myself out though.

I have a dr. appointment on Monday (3 days)

Am I thinking too hard on this...could it just be an infection of some kind?


Two days ago I realized that the area just behind my left ear was very sensitive and sore. Yesterday the pain began radiating out from that area and now the whole left side of the back of my head is sore as well as about half way down the left side of my neck. I am a survivor of Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the neck and underwent Chemotherapy and Radiation treatment of my throat and shoulders. I am scared to death now that this is the onset of some type of Cancer. Can anybody help me feel better about this? I intend to schedule an appointment with my PCP first thing Monday morning, but if the pain continues to worsen I may end up in the ER before the end of the weekend....