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Hi. My age is 37, I am a male. I had an injury on right testicle seven years ago. Some antibiotics were given to me at that time. Sometimes it swells and makes me uncomfortable. I am also facing issues of sexual impotence. Don't know the exact reason but lost my vigor and timing during sex. Premature ejaculation and no charm in bed are real issues. I am also facing backache since long. Scrotal Ultrasound says that there is an epidymal cyst in the righ testis.

Yesterday, I had blood glucose random test and ESR. Glucose is perfect but ESR is 58 which is too high. Please suggest which consultant should I contact, Urologist???? or any other???

I need expert opinion also, in the light of facts mentioned above....



One more symptom is that my feet are swollen all the day and the swelling increases in the evening and night. ESR Victim