I’ve read every single post on this thread multiple times. I come back all the time to read the new ones. Mine started it 9th grade and I’m currently in 11th grade. I had to become home school half way in my 9th grade year. I did a lot of varsity sports and now I kinda disappeared from all my friends and people who don’t live with me. I’ve had a endoscopy and colonoscopy. I’ve also been on a lot of meds that don’t help. I’ve taken lots of probiotics (doesn’t help) but my stomach and anus still tends to make embarrassing noises 24/7. On top of that problem I’m hungry 24/7 as well which makes it worst because my stomach growls when im


i smoke weed sometimes which helps me just chill. It hard to look hard to look on Instagram and Snapchat and see your friends having fun and you can’t because you have the most embarrassing problems in the world. I thought about killing myself but I can’t do that to my family. I don’t care about anything anymore I’m completely numb to the pain. I’m failing my online classes and I could care less. People say this gets better but it doesn’t. I can’t seem to find a general reason what I’m living for. Soon I’m gonna try acid so I can see the bigger picture hopefully it’ll help me. Anyone that wants to ask me something just reply I always come back to those site to read so I will see your comment. - Z