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I’m 43 and experiencing perimenopause. I’m not experiencing mood changes and hardly ever do I get hot flashes. (I think I only got them back in December, but they weren’t too bad).  Up until last month I didn’t have a period for something like 6 months.  (When I finally did have one it was really light and I didn’t hurt at all). Since perimenopause, sometimes my ovaries will hurt, or it’ll hurt ‘down there’ when I sit in certain positions or lean over to pick up the dog.  It’s not anything I can’t handle, but what is bugging me is that oftentimes I feel like I have a UTI, only without the pain and burning. (It’s the urgency and nothing else). I finally took an Azo test strip test. It showed no nitrites, and with the leukocytes it was a very pale splotchy pink. (On the test it said if there’s anything for leukocytes, it should be purple, so… I have no idea what that was about). I read that you have to have nitrites present to have a UTI, and since that came back negative it might be a sign of inflammation?  No idea.

When I feel the ‘fake uti’ I drink lots of water and eventually I feel normal again.  It doesn’t last for long though.  I think only twice in the past few months have I gone 2 or 3 full days feeling perfect.

But lately, after I urinate and stand up to get on with my day I feel a STRONG rush of urine/urgency appear out of nowhere. It is so incredibly uncomfortable. There’s no leakage or anything. I just bear through it, and about a minute or less later it passes. Is this what they call a spasm? Other than those few seconds of hell after each time I use the restroom, I'm not in pain. It’s really stressing me out. I’ve tried cutting back on caffeine, to see if that helps, but so far it’s made no difference.


4-25 Update: I just took another Azo test strip test. The nitrites are still at zero, but the leukocytes were definitely purple this time.