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Im 19 years old and on November 20th I had an Epileptic seizure. I was banging my head repididly on my wooden desk. Now im feeling dizzy. I keep having really bad dizzy spells today. Im also feeling very week. Ever since i had that seizure I have been having heaaches and migranes everyday and on and off. My head also gets numb and i get a stabbing feeling all around my head just about every day. Sometimes I feel like im going to pass out. I have had epilepsy for going on 6 years now. I dont know what to do about this. Ive been trying to get a hold of my neurologist to talk with her about my seizures and I dont have an appointment till January


I am sorry to hear about your affliction.  Did you go to a doctor about your hitting your head on the table?  You may need to get a CT scan to check for injury from the trauma from hitting your head so many times.  I would recommend you do that immediately so then you know if you had a concussion or other type of injury as the result of the episode.  If they can rule out this with a CT scan, then I would report the incident and the symptoms to your neurologist to see about getting in sooner.  I know these specialists are always booked and it's hard to get in.  You need to push for an appointment until they let you in sooner.