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I have been diagnosed with epilepsy since I was 12 (I'm 31 now), but I have never had night time seizures before. I typically have seizures after stressful situations or after exhausting physical activities, such as workouts. I'm quite active but I learned to control myself and not to push myself too hard during my trainings. Anyway, on Tuesday I woke up in the middle of the night with painful feeling in my tongue. It felt like I bit it during the night. Also, my cheeks were sore and swollen inside, like they were bitten too. These sound like symptoms from night time seizures, but I' not sure if they're common in adults, especially if I didn't have them when I was younger. I still didn't talk to my doctor, because I think it won't happen again. What do you think? Was it seizure during the night or not?


Hi. It's very possible. I have had seizures during the day when I was younger and didn't start having nocturnal seizures until a few years ago (I'm 27). Now I have nocturnal seizures quite often. In the morning, I feel extremely tired and feel like I havent slept all night. I have bite injuries on my bottom lip. I drool on my pillow and sometimes vomit a bit. But, the good thing about this is that my daytime is now usually seizure-free. These nocturnal seizures are probably the least disruptive seizures if you can recover from them before waking. I usually don't wake up during the night, but sometimes I have a loud auditory aura that wakes me up and that sometimes freaks me out. I would suggest you to talk to your neurologist about this seizures, especially if you haven't experienced them before. A new pattern is always a reason for a slight concern. Good luck.