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On the 22nd Nov, I had a surgical abortion (dilation and evacuation) - I was 6w6.5d. Afterwards I felt physically ok, just a bit crampy. The day after there was minor cramps and no bleeding. 24th, it felt like my uterus had swollen up and out from behind my pubic bone, three fingers worth. My uterus was very tender, much more so than it had been. I called the healthdirect line and spoke to a nurse, who didn't understand I was calling about an enlarged uterus, and said the bleeding I had was a normal period. If the BLEEDING got worse I was to see a DR - the one pad an hour ratio.

The bleeding is getting heavier, but not as heavy as the 'worrying' amount - I'm up to about 3 pads in 24 hours or so. The PAIN on the other hand is bad enough to wake from sleep, and needs more than a couple of paracetamol or ibuprofen to deaden it. I am getting more clots, and the blood is bright red. 

I know you can bleed for up to two weeks after an abortion, but no one has mentioned what to do with escalating pain and an increasing frequency of clots.

After I had my 6th baby, 14 years ago, I was in a great amount of pain that regular pain killers didn't touch (I needed the sort you have after a caeser, even though he was a vaginal birth), could THIS pain be similar? 

I'd go to my dr, but prior experience says he will just say 'take pain killers' - which I'm doing. 

In escalating pain/bleeding within the realms of 'normal' or should I call the clinic where I had the procedure or even go to the hospital?


I bled for 11 weeks after and had to have another d&c, the doctors at first told me it would just go away. Keep asking them if it gets worse u could still have tissue in you.