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Hello Everyone , Before anyone tells me to go to the doctors, Im doing so next week, I cannot get an appointment before that.  I am looking for people who had something similar to what I have.I have had 4 children, My last one I had in september, I have had 3 periods and my 4th should probably start tomorrow.Every period I have had the first 2 days were terrible with excruciating pain, It was like my uterus was being stabbed over and over again, It was a contraction type pain that lasted 30-45 seconds each , it makes me drop to the floor if im mid walking or standing , Ive never had this with my periods before , and to be honest, Its quite scary to me, I feel as though my period is going to start and Ill probably end up going to the E.R if im having those pains once it does start..But has anyone else had anything like this ?? I`m scared of the pain right now, it`s literally like a labor contraction in the active phase.. Ill also get shooting pains in the rectum and the vaginathanks ladies!


Hi there, I've never been pregnant but you may want to look into Endometriosis. This is a condition which can cause extreme pain, also notably in the pelvic region.It can also spread into the rectum and cause pain there too. I'm pretty sure I have this and the pain is the worst I have ever experienced to the point painkillers do absolutely nothing and i can't leave the house during that time. The only way to diagnose for sure is through a surgical laparoscopy. Keep us posted, maybe someone else will have another suggestion.