So since I was about 16 I first starting experiencing sharp abdominal pain in my lower abdomen on the first couple of days before my period and then a few days during. The pain is was so sharp and my stomach became so bloated I was physically sick. At this point back when I was still 16, my mum took me to a&e suspecting I might have appendicitis. However they detected an extremely large cyst on my ovary which they said they needed to operate to remove.

I’m now 21, and still experience the horrific sharp stabbing pains during the same few days prior to and during menstruation. At those times I also find I get regular constipation. And as my period comes the constipation starts to pass but I find it excruciating to open my bowels. I often cry in pain and become very anxious about going to the toilet.

I saw my doctor about this again 6 months ago and she said she thinks it’s probably endometriosis. I was already in the combined contraceptive pill, so she advised to consecutively take the pill for three months to reduce the amount of time I experience pain. However I am still in pain during that time, on top of my periods being even worse and causing even more pain when I do have them.

Additionally, the doctor performed internal examination and suggested that she can feel ‘something’ that she thinks is pressing on my bowel. And has arranged for me to have abdominal and trans-vaginal ultrasounds - which I am going to be having tomorrow.

I am just wondering if anybody knows if this could still be endometriosis and something on my bowel is normal? Or if they may be looking for anything else? Or whether this could be another ovarian cyst causing pressure on my bowel?

Finally, if this is endometriosis, will I be offered laparoscopy at my age? Considering I am not ready for children yet? Or will they leave me with taking the contraceptive pill for prolonged periods? As I am not happy with the level of pain this leaves me with.

Anyone with similar experience/advice/suggestive questions to ask the doctor would be of great help?

Many thanks.