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My 13-year-old daughter has had reacquiring abdominal pain for the last few years, right side in the appendix/gallbladder area. The pain seems to travel and can spasm. It is becoming more painful and frequent. She has no problem with her bowels or her menstrual cycle. She does have some nausea. She has had urinalysis, blood test, and ultra sound, all have checked out fine. We are scheduled for (excuse me I have forgotten the name of the test), a test that checks the function of the gallbladder by the injection of radioactive material. My daughter feels frustration and that people think she is faking the pain. I know she is not. Has anyone else had this experience? Thank you for your response.


My daughter  (25) has been going through the same thing for 3 years.  She has had multiple test, scans, labs, xrays you name it.  Has seen multiple doctors.  She was told IBS (cop out). This weekend she was getting excruciating pain on her right side, normally on her left.  She stopped at an ER on the way home from a vacation.  Again scans, labs and so on.  They thought it was her appendix and admitted her.  They decided to take it out even though all her tests were negative. The surgeon went in and did an exploratory laparoscopy.  He said her appendix was a little big but to his surprise he found a urichal cyst and her umbilical was twisted.  He cut out the twist and the cyst and removed her appendix.  He said everything else looked great and this is probably the reason she has had so much pain for so long.  It was pulling on her left side where she always had pain and when she pushed on her belly button she would get a strange pain and sensation.  She had tears of joy at this discovery.  Nothing ever showed up in any of her tests.  She had CTs, Ultrasounds, Colonoscopies, labs, capsule CT ect.  NOTHING.  It took exploratory surgery to figure it out.  Thank God for her appendix acting up.