I am 18 years old. Last week my fiance and I had pretty rough sex, after not seeing one another for four months while he was in basic training for the army.  After a few days, I noticed I was extremely sore down there, so I looked and I found two small cuts on the bottom of my vaginal lips, as well as on my perineum. I called a nurse hotline and was told to ice it and apply neosporin or vasaline. After doing this, the cut hasn't healed, has gotten worse, and I've developed a rash on my vagina and anus from the constant moisture. I noticed that another cut has appeared on the upper lip of my vagina as well. I don't know what to do. It hurts so badly and constantly itches. I've stopped wearing underwear, kept the area clean, try to keep it dry but when its dry it itches even more. I also noticed that on either side, under my pelvic bone, what I think is my ovaries are protruding and painful to the touch. I don't know what it is or what I should do. PLEASE HELP