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So about a month ago my boyfriend preformed oral sex on me and he left me feeling raw. A day or two after I began feeling some discomfort, i had itching and discharge so I thought it was just a yeast infection. I've never had one before so i wasn't sure and my friends told me to try monastat, so i did. I used the one time treatment. The discomfort and itching went away. I still had a small itch on the outter lip of my vagina and has gotten a little worse. I have about half an inch long raised irritated area, looks like a swollen scratch and it itches. Could this still be part of the yeast infection and what can i do? My inner walls are fine look fine and feel fine just the outter wall that looks dry and kinda of peeling along with that half inch long area.


You can apply the Monastat to your outer lips of the vagina. When I have an yeast infection I apply cream in and outside of the vagina it is safe and helps with the healing process.