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First of all I'm 17 years old and
I have never been sexual active except that I have masterbated before.
and since about 3days ago, I found out that my right nipple discharges white fluid when it is squeezed, I'm terribly worried that this might be a sign of a serious disease, please tell me what is wrong with me.


The good thing is that the discharge is present only upon stimulation ie squeezing.
However, it should be checked by a doctor. There are many conditions that could be causing the discharge. Some of them could be infections or different disorders within breasts and nipple ducts as well as hormonal problems.

It happens that nipple ducts get blocked and the fluid starts leaking into the tissues causing infections. These infections are very likely to cause the discharge.

Sometimes high levels of hormone prolactin could cause the discharge although in this case, both nipples would discharge.

A doc can have a look and see where the discharge’s coming from. They may also get some of the discharge to evaluate it. Your breast may be screened to see if some changes occurred.

Masturbation and having sex have nothing to do with this, so I would suggest you talking to your parents and reported this, so you could see a doctor for evaluation.


Hello, I am 31yrs. old and about a year ago I got breast implants and to make a long story short 2 other surgeries needed to be performed because I was disatisfied with the way my breast came out. The last time in July they came out really nice but in September I got an infection on the right breast. My doctor said it was because my boyfriends saliva infected my breast. Anyway my right implant was removed and is due to be put back in February. But just recently my surgeon squeezed my left breast and white milky discharge came out. My breast did hurt but it seems as if the pain is going away. I squeezed again and nothing came out. Any suggentions? Please help worried!