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Hi I'm a 14 year old girl. Today I noticed my left nipple is much later than my right nipple. It's swollen! Not just a different size but swollen and puffy. I shouldnt have my period for another week or two. Also i went through pueberty about 3 years ago so i dont think this is pueberty. Why is it swollen? Does it have to do with my period? Is this normal? Should I tell my mom? Do I need to visit my doctor?


Hi, I'm a guy, but have had a lot of gfs going back to when I was 14. I know a bit about breasts and development from (pardon) 'hands on' experience. 

Puberty is a long process, often producing body changes well into your 20s. Breast size, shape, nipple/areola size/color often changes as you mature. It is completely normal for one breast to develop somewhat differently from the other, whether in size, nipple size/color or shape. Most women's breast are slightly different from one another.

Further, "puffy nipples" are fairly common for teen-aged girls whose breasts are still developing; some women even get to keep their 'pufffies' into adulthood. Many men absolutely LOVE this type of nipple so don't feel embarrassed or down if you get blessed with one or two puffies!

If you are seriously worried, or feel that the swelling is due to an infection or your nipple is sore (clogged milk duct can happen even if you aren't pregnant/lactating), see a doctor. Hope this helps.