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Actually there is a cyst beneath my right side eye which started suddenly on the 8th of February 2007. Then one month later, exactly on the 6th of March 2007, it started to inflate and leave redness mark and puffiness (swelling) and this lasted for three days and then it become smaller again. On the 31st of March 2007, the swelling got back again and lasted for another three days with the same redness symptoms.
On the 29th of April 2007, the swelling started again with a little bigger size than previous incidents.

The consulted doctors failed to diagnose my case, and did not prescribe any medicine or antibiotic! In fact, I have not been even diagnosed clearly. I do not know what this is; and I am very worried.

I would appreciate any earliest response.


Hello there

I had chalazion last year and your symptoms very much resemble mine. This condition is defined as an eye cyst and sometimes it is called even meibomian cyst.

It can be mistaken with the sty but after some time chalazion gets bigger and red and even painful and sty doesn’t.  My chalazion was big, pea sized so it had to be surgically removed and I can tell you that this wasn’t pleasant at all. It isn’t s big procedure and you are going home the same day after it has been removed but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t scary and unpleasant.

After few days it was like I never had chalazion in my life. Maybe you could look at some pictures to try to determine if this is the same thing you have and suggest to your doctors that this is the right diagnosis.