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my 6 year old son has sinus trouble quite often but he has never had a swollen red eyelid. i thought he had a mosquito bite but now i am beginning to wonder if the sinuses are causing the eyelid to swell. is it possible for the two to be related?


Hello there, I am sorry your 6 year old son is having problems with his sinuses, I know how annoying this could be, especially in this part of the year when there is pollen everywhere around, I also have problems now, I sneeze a lot and like my nose is stuck all the time, my face is like swollen and I seem to can’t talk properly. All these troubles are so irritating but I have to live with it, that’s the sad true.
As the matter of your son having his eyelids swollen, it is totally normal for that to occur when he has sinusitis. Before, I also had such problems, now this happens to me only when I sneeze a lot, my eyes get red and the eyelids start swelling.
Have you gone to the doctor’s yet? I guess he’ll be prescribed some creams that will make the swell go down, this will surely help him a bit.



It could be a Sty (stye)
It could be an ingrown eyelash
It could be bacteria that has caused the pore to clog up and oil build up within
It could be a Chalazion.

Google Sty or Chalazion for more info.

If you use oily eye makeup remover, it's probably a closed pore with oil building up and can not get out. Be sure next time after you use the make up remover to use a soap and warm water so it doesnt clog another pore.

The BEST way to know for sure what it is, would be to see an OPTHAMOLOGIST (they are the ONLY ones that can do surgery, except for a plastic NOT waste time or money going to an optometrist or a regular doctor.

Tobrex can be applied and may help. But in many cases surgery is necessary, although you could have it re-occur so you really need to be careful about washing your eyelids more carefully OR if you sweat alot to wash well as soon as you can. Keep dirty fingers off your eye lids. Wash your hands often with anti bacterial soap.