Hi, i've had several allergic reactions in my life, but only to prescribed antibiotics thus far. My typical allergic reaction symptoms include sweating, difficulty breathing, tongue and lymph nodes in neck swelling, and a bit of mania/psychotic induced mood. also i've had hives once.

I recently was prescribed Clindesse for BV, and my eyes have been really dry and scratchy and my eyelids feel/look ever so slightly swollen. i know eyelid swelling is something that makes sense in happening during an allergic reaction, however nothing else is really going wrong other than that. i thought maybe it was due to eye strain from working on the computer too much, but the swelling is a bit odd.

The medication is a one time vaginal insert but i'm still having discharge from it, so i know it's still up there and still working almost 5 days since i put it in. i'm not sure how much longer it will be "in the works".

i see my doctor on tuesday, but i wanted to know have any of you ever experienced very subtle allergic reactions like this? if so, what should i do about it...benadryl has been my best friend in many cases, and i will take it if my doctor tells me too...

but since this isn't so bad, i don't want to ingest anymore chemicals before i get to my doctor's if there's a better holistic method.