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Hi, can anyone help explain this as I have to wait ages till I can see a doctor!!....In the last five weeks this has happened three times now but has never happened previously....each time I have been in a complete different location (three different countries!!), it has been a different time of day and I can see no correlation in food eaten/make up used etc etc...I have no idea what's causing it!!

Basically it starts by me being aware of my lower left eyelid feeling a bit feels a little like I've just been bitten or something. Then, within a couple of minutes, the entire left lower eyelid is swollen to the size of a large marble. It's not really that painful, just uncomfortable but usually about 10 minutes after the swelling appears I feel a bit dizzy and nausious. I take an anti-histamine and use an ice compress and the swelling has usually gone within about 5 hours.

The first time was the took the longest for the swelling to go happened late at night (approx 11pm) and the next morning it had 'slipped down' to my upper cheek bone but reduced in swelling. It was gone completely by that night.

The second time was at lunchtime and was gone within about 5 hours and didn't 'slip' down my face.

The last time was about 7pm at night and again was gone within about 5 hours and, again, didn't 'slip'.

After the first time I went to a walk in centre which said there was no sign on infection/stye etc and there is still no sign of this in my opinion.

Other symptoms I have at the moment, which may or may not be relevant, are; dull headaches, abdominal pains and diarhhea and my breasts seem to be growing!! I have put on approximately 1/2 stone on in the past two months as I am not currently working but weight gain/loss has never affected my breasts in the past.

Can anyone help???


Hey man. Listen, what you are telling me is very dangerous because we have some crazy symptoms that I cannot find the way to explain at all. Puffy eyelid can be caused by many things. But, what's more interesting in your case is that it has happened to you in three different countries and now I am wondering that it could be something you are carrying with yourself from one country to another. Is it something in your clothes that could be the trigger for this issue? I would advise you to make an appointment as soon as possible and reach to us then.