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Well last night i got bit by some kind of bug i don't know what kind or what it was! my hand started to swell.. you could not see my knucles i took a benadryl and now today it's gone down some and then it started swelling again so i don't know what to do!


Hi Brittney,

Are you having any trouble breathing, feeling dizzy, or nauseous?  If so, seek emergency medical attention.

You are having an allergic reaction to whatever stung you.  You can take another benadryl (follow the directions) as it is an antihistamine and will reduce the swelling.

If it continues though you NEED to see your doctor.

Be aware, if you ever get stung again you will also have a reaction to it, and it can be more severe, possibly life threatening.  See "anaphylaxis."

Hope it helps.