Hi, I am nervous on whether I damaged my surgery. I had RC surgery on May 11th. At 5 weeks post-op the doctor said he believed that I was developing. a Frozen Shoulder. For me to continue PT protocol and he would see me in 2 months. I know longer needed my sling and could do things waist level for height, nothing heavier than 3 lbs. Also I could drive. 3 days later I fell and hit my shoulder. No pain at the time of fall just an ache. I iced it immediately and continued with the ice the rest of the day. Went to PT I told her about the suspicion of a Frozen Shoulder and the fall. The therapist felt around and did not think I damaged anything.l but said I was swollen and inflammed. She continued with the protocol. I always have pain when I leave therapy which last a good 24 hrs. Again somethings I cannot do at all. But this time it was extremely painful. The next day was like the day after surgery l, just pain. My question is do you think I have damaged my surgery or is this pain from PT manipulation on an inflamed shoulder? If I damaged my surgery how will the doctor be able to tell? What happens if I did? Thank you, MaggieMae