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I am 47 year old woman a mother, grandmother. I am attracted to a 32 year old man. I am not in love with him, but I love him. It is an awesome feeling I do not know if he feel the same as I do but I have made him aware of my feelings and emotions. Of which he said he trying to deal with his emotions. It is difficult because I am married with with three adult children. I am also is boss which can be quite uncomfortable at work. I need to get him out of my head to function. We are not intimate but I love him.


I'm nearly the same age as you, but I've been divorced for ten years and currently dating a 28 year old for almost a year now.  I see nothing wrong in an older woman/younger man relationship, but you are a married woman.  Are you in a happy marriage?  If so, then you may be just be going through a stage (I see changes in myself both physically and emotionally).  I think you need to understand why you're having feelings for another man regardless of his age while you're married.