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I'm 22, studying art and design and having a part time job as an art teacher.

My employer, which is also my art instructor, my mentor as well as the person which I fell for.

I had confess my feeling for him, and he hinted that he accept my feelings too.

We spend much time together at his home (with his parents around), cafes and sometimes short trips.

The most critical part is that we are 24 years apart.

We never let anyone know about our "relation" since I'm still a student .(But his best friend knew, and his dad seems to know, his family treats me well)

He is a wise man, conservative with his own style. We had been knowing each other for two years and he respects me and the "boundaries". (Never touches me, and we sits together with a gap between)

I do hope that we can still hold on for a couple of years before I tell my parent about us.

My family had been torn into bits when I first date with a guy in late 20's.  have no idea how my family could cope up with whats I'm in to.

Mom had been pressuring me to get a boyfriend.

Can anyone help me? I need advices. I want a happy relationship and a harmony family. I just wanted to do things right.


That is a tough situation. I wouldn't worry about your family pressuring you into getting a boyfriend. This day and age it's hard to find the one. I hope the family pressure didn't cause you to start dating your employer. If you just fell in love with him that's one thing. Do you have any issues with your father? I'm not saying you should or shouldn't date him but 24 years apart is a lot. Just think in another 15 years when you are in your prime womanhood and he's in his 60's. Do you think he will still be the man you want. Will he still want to do the things you want to do. Like traveling, going out stuff like that. Or will you want to do the same things a 60 year old wants to do. Dominoes, shuffleboard. :) haha. Just a little joking but it really is something you need to think about and talk over with your employer/lover. Hope everything works out for you!


I never let my father know.
I just planned when I'm graduate and had my career stable I'm going to get things serious.
Well, he's is an outgoing type. planning to go around the world when retired. haha.
In my point of view, he loves me as much as I loves him, we will have our best to keep each other happy,
and the best part is he's a workaholic and moves fast. I'm the one that havin problem catching up with him. He's tough.


I mean no disrespect to your family, but it's not their heart nor their life that is involved in this relationship between the two of you. You are an adult and able to make your own decisions in everything, including whom you choose to date. I realize that some families are very involved in the love lives of pretty much everyone in their family, but that doesn't mean that you have to accept that, and it doesn't mean that their opinions have to shape your actions. If your heart is telling you this is right, and the other party feels the same, then go forward in peace. Live your life, not the life others believe you should have.


I think tom.paterson72 is right. I totally agree with your opinion. Live your life, not the life others believe you should have. Wise Words.