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hi every one 

i fell in love with an older man who is 15years elder than me n my parents never ever accept him n also he is a divorcee n i m jst 20yrs old what should i do plz suggest me. he is very caring n loving mostly he travels coz of his work he has his own business in Dubai n also starts working in India. He wanna marry me even he told me all these things bfore he didn't hide anythng to me. guys plz suggest me..

love n regards  


I dont know why ppl find so much fault in loving a person older than us.
First thing i wanna say starting off is that,dont ever go against your parents will..convince them instead !
if he's as nice and caring as u said,then why would he get divorced in the first place?
am sorry to say that there's something not right about it.
besides,him constantly travelling,i honestly dont know from where did u build all this trust in him.
Your not a very stable person i'll have to say :-)
and you definetly havent taken your time thinking.


You're an adult.  Ultimately, you need to make decisions for yourself.  If you want to marry this man, then marry him.  If you love him, there is no shame in that.

I was 20 when I got married.  My parents were not happy with it either, but mostly because of my age and the fact that I was still in school.  My father would constantly try to convince me not to marry my husband.  I could never talk about anything else with him until I did actually get married.  He even offered to buy me a car if I broke off the engagement.  My mother would cry a lot and ask me, "Are you sure you want to do this?"  It's six years later and I'm still happily married.  My parents have now accepted my decision and they both absolutely love my husband after getting to know him.

My point is, our parents love us and sometimes they get concerned with big decisions in our lives such as marriage.  Despite all the negativity my way, I made the decision I wanted to make.  If in your heart you know getting married to this man is the right thing, then I suggest you go with that.


thanks BedsonTrudeau really i m very thankful to u that u given me such suggestion he is ready to marry me i m telling him to wait for sometime lets understand each other then v'll gt married he said ok bt in my family there's cast problem they'll no gonna ready to marry another cast guy n specially a divorce. His wife was Mohammedan & after that she left him there was no mistake of him he discussed everything to me & i know he loves me