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Family problem how to get my grandfather to actually like me He hates me and i don't know why all of his other grandchildren he loves but me i can't get any love or anything from him it is like i am the omen to him or something i don't get it everytime i try to do anything with him he makes up an excuse and says he doesn't feel well but then he does that thing with someone the same day just not me it is like come on why? Does anyone have any idea why he might just randomly hate me and how i could fix this i am really getting deppressed about this it is so hard while i stand by and my grandfather hates me for no reason Please HELP!


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Would he have any reason to want to distance himself from your mother or father and by extension, you?

I have a grandaughter who is almost a teen who I have never dared to have any close contact with. I didn't dare to hold her when she was a baby or at any time as she was growing up.

Her mother is a 2nd generation welfare queen who had a child by another man before she married my son. The first time we got together with all of them for the sons birthday party in the public housing common room I sensed it would be bad for me to get anywhere near her mother and by extension her too. Her mother couldn't stop talking about how she used to watch me fix her parents TV and made me very uncomfortable being around her. I could see accusations of improper conduct floating all around her head and the same for her daughter if I should ever get close enough for them to hit me with one of those missiles.

When the daughter had the baby I didn't dare get close to her at all and I have never held her or even hugged her. Apparently for good reason because she accused my other son of hurting the baby while holding her which hurt him tremendously.

They were married a couple years when she said "I don't want you here any more" and he had to go because they were living in HER welfare castle. During the divorce she didn't comply with any of the judge's orders and was 24 hours from a hearing that was destined to go badly for her and probably give my son custody of his daughter when he was arrested for sexually abusing his daughter. He was not allowed to know where the accusation came from but it seemed pretty obvious to me and apparently all the officials who investigated it felt it was the last attempt of a desperate mother to derail the process. Of course it worked as the judge put a no contact order on him for three months while it was being investigated. The investigation was completed in about 3 weeks with a finding of no basis for the accusation. However the judge refused to lift the order so my son suffered not being allowed to see his daughter for the full three months.

So due to this kind of c**p I don't dare go near my grandaughter and it's not her fault at all.








Well though my grandfather does not hate my mother they have a great realationship he just doesn't go near me but thx for the reply and i hope that someday you can actually bond and love your grandaugter and get a good realationship with her