Okay i apologize if this is VERY long i just wanna make sure this
is making sense to you all,Well here goes
I was once friends with this girl, i met her on myspace
about two years ago, and we talked alot she became one of
my good friends, we were suppose to meet its just i live in louisiana
and i met her after the hurricane online, she lives here too
and right now i live about an hour from where i used to live
and shes living there now along with most of my other friends
anyway, she seemed really cool and i told her all about my problems
i felt like she was so trustworthy,but i guess i was wrong.
Well.. These past few months, i havent spoken too her
You see, I met this Guy, he's SO absolutely amazing
everything i ever wanted and waay way more. well
At my friends prom they all had an after party, Which i didnt
get to go to. and my ex friend was doing estacy.. along with
the guy i like.. well he couldnt go to prom because they said
he had to buy a tux and he bought a suit by accident
so he had to stay there with my ex friend and her best friend
well.. she had sex with him they were both doing estacy
he now hates her but ill get to that later.. I didnt know him at the time
well about 2 weeks later, My friends were telling him about me
and he really wanted to meet me,and i wanted to meet him aswell.
so we all set up a date to hang out, I guess you could say a date
but i dont know what else to call it, I never saw him before except
for in pictures which most of them he had his tounge out or doing weird faces but he seemed so cute, well we go to my friends boyfriends house
where the guy i like is he's friends with two of my best friends boyfriends..
from the moment i walked into his house, I fell in love all over again.
You see i've only been in love once, which i can tell you for a fact
it was love. But things went terribly wrong for my first love and I.
and we just fell apart, since then i've dated but i never really felt
that feeling, until i met him. He was ABSOLUTELY gorgeous.
Dark spiked hair goregous brown eyes a sweet smile tan skin
he was beautiful and i felt the wind knocked out of me, Well as the night went on, i felt as if he hated me, which he didnt.. but he ignored m
until we got back to my freinds boyfriends house he left for awhile but as he was leaving he told me "nice to meet you" and i felt my stomach cringe at the sight of sadness and dissapointment i felt so awful.. but when he got back things changed they all took estacy and i didnt, he apologized to me
and told me he didnt want me too feel like he was ignoring me because he wasnt.. anyway as the night went on.. we all played truth or dare they dared him to kiss me and with the sweetest voice he looked at me and said
"is that okay with you sweetheart" I was so excited i felt my blood rush through my body with antipation i've been waiting for that. i agree of course
closed my eyes, and the next thing i know.. i'm completely full filled again.
i felt so alive with just one kiss..anyway we made out the rest of the night and talked.. he told me i shouldnt care what other people say or what not
you see i have very low self-esteem.. and i've very jugemental about my body, but he was the first guy to really ever accept me, and he was so gorgeous he had the nerve to ask me why i was shy around him.. geesh like its that hard to figure out.. anyway.. we all had to leave the next morning, he gave me a hug and said goodbye, me and my friend went home.. i felt so good.. i cant even explain.. well.. later in that same week..
i went back to my friends boyfriends house with her but the guy i like wasnt there,so after awhile of waiting on my friends we left..
the next morning my friend tells me she heard the guy i like was at
her boyfriends house a few hours after we left, and he asked where i was
i was so happy that he was asking about me and to top it off he called me his sweetie! : ] anywho.. things got out... and my ex friend found out
well.. she likes him but he hates her because shes a lying backstabber
that uses everything you tell her about yourself against you some way or another, well she gets the nerve to call him up and tell him to come over or whatever she has something to show him. I posted a bulletin on myspace and it was a survey thing you know and it asked me who was the last person i kissed, well i wasnt going to lie so i put him, well she showed himt hat bulletin but then she goes and tells him i wrote this BIG long blog about how i gave him head and how me and him had sex WHEN i did neither.. all i did really was make out with him and i did happen to give him a ha****b BUT that was it!, well he got nervous and paraniod because.. He's 18 and I'm only 15, I'll be 16 in march but anyway i'm very mature for my age, and i told him i was 16 because i didnt want him to judge me before he knew me you know? eventually i was going to tell him the truth but i wanted him to know i'm not immature and i know how to take responsibiltys. well... i havent seen him in 4 months.. but i'm going to see him at my friends halloween party, He's such a great guy he's so sweet and forgiving he's caring and he's just a great person inside and out
i adore him so much, i'd give anything to be with him, I just fear my ex friend will try to ruin things with me and him again because shes jealous of me, because she knows he liked me, But you see, she went and told everyone shes pregnant from him and blah blah blah and he cant stand her so he's always telling her off but she still does it!... I have no idea what to do can anyone give me advice? How do i stop someone like this
i wanna be with him mroe than anything and i know if i get to talk to him he'll understand it.. i'm just worried about her trying to ruin us.. please help
and again i'm sorry for it being so long... i wanted to be more detailed
just so you know what it was like.. I feel so awful i wanna make things better
but i know she'll never let me be happy. : [
theres lots more but i'm sure i've wasted enough of you time.