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So I had my daughter two years ago. Ever since she was born she's been with me. I provided everything for her. Now her father who barely was even around at all during the pregnacy and birth of our daughter is going to try and take me to court to get full custody of our daughter. My daughter screams her head off when he comes around to pick her up for the day she never wants to go with him cause she doesn't even know him he was never around for holidays only thing he's done was buy diapers n wipes every month and maybe a few items Ihad asked him to. But other then that Iwas main provider for my daughter. He doesn't buy her anything. He doesn't come around he only sees her maybe 2 times a month.. he has time to buy a house trucks jetskis but can't provide for his on daughter.. Iam filing for child support and he says he's going to take my child away from me.. he can not do that right?? If I was the main care taker/tprovider for her?? Plz let me know what y'all think


Hi Mad,

What he can do depends upon the laws where you live.

Get yourself a good lawyer and don't miss ANY court dates, no matter what happens.

Document everything that he has/hasn't done since day one.

Good luck.