Hi everyone,

3 months ago I woke up early morning with a increased heart rate.  It went away but a month later the same issue (now persistent).  I can see my heart beat with the movement of my shirt.  Doctor put me on a monitor for 14 days as the 24 Holter didn't show much.  Was told I have occasional VPC and PAC.  Predominant rhythm is Sinus.  Only had 1 run of SVT for 12 seconds and couplets or VE's were <1% w/ no VE triplets.  All my blood CBC, cholesterol, magnesium, potassium are normal.  The other symptom I have developed is very minor tension in forehead (very minor last few days).  Calling it tension because I have never had a headache.

Am super aware now of any little pin prick on left or right side of chest.  Anything I feel it's for a few seconds.  Doctor I am certain is annoyed with me as I requested the magnesium test.

Have had rheumatoid arthritis since a little kid but never have I had any issues with the heart.  Understand these symptoms can be normal but 3 months ago I never had any of these issues.  When this started, even with a few steps my rate would increase.  It has calmed down now but I can reach 140 bpm when walking fast on treadmill, no idea how it was before.

Lastly a echo was not performed, believe cardiologist said it's not needed to my doctor.  Would love to hear the comments and if anyone has had the same symptoms out of the blue?