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I have this feeling of fear of fainting when out in public anywhere. I even get nervous just going to the grocery store.

soes anyone else feel this way?

I am also scared to take medication of Ativan. what will happen by taking it.

see the stupid anxiety here?


I understand exactly what you're talking about. The first time it happened to me I was in grade school, passed out at an assembly (had a fever) but developed the fear it would happen in social situations. Since I didn't want anyone to know, I kept it to myself. Found out later its called social anxiety.
I can offer you these tips that might help. First, Realize no one's perfect and share it with those that you trust. Otherwise you'll stigmatize it and beat yourself up about it. Second, when in a situation breathe slowly, count your breathes even hold it for a short while. This will seem counter intuitive at first but it is hyperventilating(breathing too quickly and shallowly that is causing this in the first place. Last, if needed seek out a therapist to talk with.
I wish I had the answer. I tried talking with therapist but couldn't find some repressed memory that caused it. Tried taking lexapro, prozac, paxil with not much success. I decided to beat it by skydiving, going to tons of weddings and other social events to desensitize myself of it but learned that every event is different so I couldn't desensitize myself from every circumstance.
With that said, I run a successful business and have great friends so know that you're not alone. Also through therapy, I realized(mainly on my own) that other people have anxiety in their lives not just at social situations (where they might pass) out but driving a car in grocery stores, etc. so it could be worse.
Ask yourself this, If you were in that social situation but everyone there already knew about your condition and accepted it, would you be more or less likely to have anxiety? Probrably less. I hope you can use this advice with you're anxiety. I'm rooting for you! Best of luck. Marty.


I too suffer from serious anxiety attacks. I do not suggest the medications as a fix. I tried techniques to calm myself down and redirect my thoughts until I found the ones that worked. Overtime youll learn what triggers an onset and how to tell when one is just begining because its much easier to stop them at that point. You must train your brain to shut out whats triggering you. Your thought though they may be subconscious are what are telling your body to react. Counting myself out of an attack and holding my breath was very helpful to relax your muscles and get oxygen to your body or thinking of something i found peacful and reassuring. Excusing yourself the very moment your starting to feel uncomfortable and easing your way in can help. While having an attack sit down and write down your thought process (how it started, possible reasons it did, what your fearing, any thoughts in your head, describe to yuor self exactly how your body feels, then think why? The writing may not only calm u down but it definatly helps to go back and read it later or show it to your therapist. What I found helped me the most later on was basically hurling myself into high stress highly awkard situations (like i said this was what made me personally overcome my fear). Taking a best friend who knows your fears or therapist with you is even better. I was dressed horribly, smelly, awkward and unprepaired and I after repeatedly doing this I slowly overcame my anxiety by realizing everyones human. When I start to stress I like to pretend that I am someone else so I dont think of any past experiences of my own. I farted yesterday in front of everyone...big fn deal.... everyone poops pees periods or faints and ya sometimes its in public...laugh it off. Go to a different city and start with people you dont have any ties to and will never see again. For me this was towards the end of college. I dont think it possible to embarass me now. Decreasing caffeine and sugar intake can maorly help and get pleanty of sleep. If you can, go to sleep after an attack to clear and reset.