Hey, this is my first post, so I'm a bit nervous. I am a teenager, to start off with, and I've noticed for the past year and a half I have grown increasingly more anxious in social situations. It started off as a few little things, such as feeling nauseous when I had to speak to others. I passed this off as just shyness and ignored any symptoms.


 However, as time went on and I went into high school, I noticed a huge change. Perhaps it was the unknown environment, but every day I would feel awful about going to school, I couldn't look anyone in the eye, my heart was constantly racing, I couldn't stop trembling, and I was nauseous all day. Once again, I attributed this to shyness.


 The real kicker was when I lost my phone. It must have fallen out of my bag somewhere, because I came home one day and it was gone. Now, the logical thing to do was to contact the Dean or security to see if they had found it. Unfortunately, the thought of having to face an authority figure was too much for me, and I completely broke down. I had my first panic attack, which lasted maybe an hour to an hour and a half, and I could not speak without crying for the rest of the night.


The next day, I went into school and completely avoided the security office, even looking at it made me feel awful. I had one more panic attack at school, not as big as the last, but enough to drive me away from the task at hand.


Long story short, I didn't get my phone back for another couple of days, and that only happened when my parents called the school, confirmed the phone was in the security office, and made me go get it.


More incidents like this happened, and it annoys me, because I know that these are things I need to do, and I know my fear is stupid, but I just can't. I had to make a call with my driving instructor, and I just couldn't. My brain was telling me to go, but my body wouldn't cooperate, I was just paralyzed with fear.


I'm sick of my own behavior, and I looked up my symptoms on the internet (always a great idea) to see if I could get a general idea of what was going on, and social anxiety seemed like the best fit. I just want some advice. Could this be social anxiety? If not, what is it? Am I just being overdramatic? What do I do if I want to get help? How can I tell my parents about my problems without them thinking I'm just being a dumb teenager?