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well im due in early july, and i have physicked myself out by watch birth videos oon google. im so terrified of what i might feel when the day comes... what was it like you any of you people?


Being a guy I obviously did not give birth. However I have been around enough pregnant women to have learned some things. The baby will come when it is ready whether you are ready or not.

When the water breaks, based on the baby's position and yours, you may feel a trickle. One you change positions, the dam will break and it is almost like 1/2 a gallon pouring out. Get ready, delivery is happening!

45 days before your due date, have a bag packed or at least the list of stuff ready. Have your plan ready too. This will lower your stress of trying to think of everything while you are having contractions.

Relax and decide if you want to go natural or with medicine. Do your pre-op appointments and get pre-checked in at the hospital.

Now just take the delivery classes and relax. You could stress out or you could enjoy the last couple of months before you are a new mommy. Whe the time comes and you have to push, just do exactly what the doctor says. It would help to focus on something else too. Sometimes you can have music or a TV on. The music would be something you could control especially if you have an IPod or other music player.