Specifically the vaginal orifice or hymenal ring (the entrance to the vaginal canal) has a large tear about the 5-6 oclock position. The tear is at least 2-3 cm in length. The tear is considered to be 1st degree because it does not go beneath into the underlying layers of tissue. Because of this it was not stiched. The edges have healed over. Eveything else looks great but the tear is very obvious and concern is that there will be a loss of intimacy.

Is such a tear normal? Should this be addressed? Can it be? What would you do?

FYI for expecting mothers, ask your doctors questions and don't let them shrug the questions off, be specific, I understand anything can happen but short of that have a specific plan... i.e...

1. In an NONemergency situation when to elect c-section, i.e. water broken and possibility of a very long labor (Pitocin aka Oxytocin) did nothing untill being maxed out at 90 ml/hr... 12+ hours later and still another 6 hours. Baby was in correct position head down, just very high. If the baby did not come soon, c-section would have been done because time lapse of water broken earlier (24hrs). Was it worth it to wait it out, all that pushing and trauma (vag birth)? Some mommys say... "pushing is over rated". Its a hard call, unless your set in your ways either way. But seriously talk to your doctor and twist their arm if you have to. Make them use their brains and don't leave it up to what ever happens along the way, have a plan!

2. If your planning an epidural, request it at the VERY FIRST ONSET of labor pain AKA YOU FEEL SOMETHING however little you may precieve the pain. Request it early and be forcefull otherwise it will be an hour before you get relief, pain is exponential very quick!!! Our one and only anesthesiologist had his hands tied in surgery with a slow suck ass surgeon hour and a half c-section/rolls eyes. Otherwise your going to have to possibly experience pain that otherwise you were not planning to experience.

3. Be VERY specific regarding episiotomies, let the doctor know what YOU want! If no then tell them NO!!! Same with other tools such as assisted vacume for the child, if there is no emergency and mommy is doing fine, there is no need to expedite things and increase risk tearing! For that matter discuss with your doctor regarding the need for stitching, why have to go back for stiches later as in my case.

(In case of your primary doctor not being available be sure to go over these pertinent questions with the other doctor on call, again unless there is an immediate threat to baby or mommy, your in the driver seat, you call the shots!)

4. Kind of late to talk about but for those that browse over this post soon enough, regarding the bood test for disorders that is done 12-18 weeks, have a understand of how extactly these test are calculated, and perform the tests no sooner or later, get them done at the appropriate time to avoid increaseing the already false positives. Also have an understanding what these test mean. Think about it if your no going to abort why bother ruining (mental anguish) a wonderfull pregancy on such an inaccurate test. If you are really that concerned seriously consider doing an amnio test, it is ithe only accurate test.