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I gave birth last febuary to my first child.I had an epidural and when it wore off i realised i had huge amouts of pressure in my lower back area-tailbone area.

I had a few compications thu the birth and i had to have an incision made for the babys head to come thu,then once the baby was out the doctors had trouble with my afterbirth.

They said to me that the afterbirth took 45 mins to get out and that the baby was out in only 20 mins.

They said to me that they have never ever seen anyones afterbirth they way they saw mine? ?

It was all torn up in pices and looked(shall we saylooked like uncooked liver) :$

i lost a hell of alot of blood and they sent it away for came back as inconclusive??

I had no trouble during my pregnacy and nothing was reported to me about the placenta having trouble nor the baby.

When the baby arrived as everyone does,the baby was straight in my arms,but i had to tell the nurse to take the baby off me coz i was in so much pain with them trying so hard to get the afterbirth out.
i wanted to roll over and die,the pain was that bad ! The nurses could see that i was in terrible pain yet they just said,that it was normal after having a child!

I wasnt happy with what they was telling me so i requested an x-ray,which indeed proved that i had a fractured tailbone.
I was unable to do much,as the pressure of the fracture was really causing me to feel very sick,weak and in alot of pain.

As the months went on it, it got better.

The problem was,that when i went to the tiolet for a bowel movement i couldnt go :'(
The pain, even going for a wee hurt.,

6 months after the pain went,not completly, but most of the pain went and i began feeling alot better.

Then i became constipated and i can only go for a bowel movement when i force food and fulids down me,just so that i get the feeling to go :O

I very regulay go and im starting to get frustrated.I get huge cramps daily.that sometimes get unbarable and cause me to pass out.

I had been for berium enemas,x-rays and nothing seems to be showing up abnormal????

When i went for the xray i had fluid pumped hu me to show up my organs and they said they were fine,the only thing they saw was fluid in my pelvis???Wat is this>?

I am wondering if because i fractured my tail bone,and had to have an incision made during delivery and the stress my body took from all of the pressing and tugging on me to get the afterbirth out, has damaged me in the way that my whole lower part of my body cannot recover for normal functioning of my bowels ect.

Can anyone help and tell me what i caould be suffering with and what i can do about it.


Your problems sound like mine in many ways. My injury was not during childbirth, but when I fell on the ice last January. I never saw the doctor about it, but I'm sure I broke or at least badly bruised my tailbone because the pain was so bad and the fall was so hard. After a few months it seemed better, but then started to get sore again. mainly, I've been having a hard time with bowel movements-with IBS, I was used to going daily with no problems, but I also find that I have to load up on salads and fruits/vegs until they come out of my ears in order to go to the bathroom,, and even then I feel like I still have more to go but can't. I will finally talk to my doctor about it at my physical later this month, and will let you know if she does anything about it.

Good luck, TSG