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Hi everyone 
Had a unprotected sexual encounter about 4 weeks ago had to much alcohol. Got a sting in my urinary tract which moved up and down about 2 day after the unprotected sex no drip or tenderness (made me go nuts) went to the doc received some antibiotics and got some test done pain went away and hasn't returned. Didn't go back for test results, really scared no hiv test was done. 

Since then I've been on Google just looking up HIV and its related symptoms. In about week 2 I started to get some pain in my groin area well close to the groin area it was first on both sides now its only on the left and the pain goes and comes its not intense but its noticeable. I train in the gym and only started intense running on the tread mill in my second wk of exposure. In week 3 a rash came up in the middle of my back red flat blotches with pimples ( was exposed to to sun and heat for a long period a day or two before, I live in the tropics) the pimples went quickly in hours but the red blotches stayed but went and got better in about 5 to 6days without me placing anything on them, didn't itch. Now on the left side of my throat is feeling weird on the 5 week no problem swallowing nor is there any soreness just feel like something is there. Had nasal congestion going back and forth from each nostril plus my tongue is coated, it was always coated from the the time I was younger but I've only really begun to take real notice now, no patches no soreness or anything just coated. One single red patch came up on the inside of my right bicep today slightly smaller than a pencil rubber. Seeing that really sent me off the rocker.

No other symptoms present. There's no noticeable swollen lymph nodes in the neck or armpits, no fever, no headache, no diarrhea, no vomiting, no muscle ache, no tiredness just feel like something is wrong or will go wrong, could my above mentioned symptoms be caused by stress because I'm going out of my mind. I continue to Google Hiv related stuff. I'm now in week 5 if I was infected shouldn't my lymph nodes be swollen by now, I keep checking them. Please just don't tell me go get a Hiv test, I need a friend right about now.

Going crazy   


HIV causes your Immune system to be weakened. These are symptoms indicating that something is wrong but it doesn't mean HIV. You might be having a skin infection not related to HIV, HIV triggers rashes in the pubic and oral areas. So the red patch on your chest is most likely an irritation not connected with HIV If I were in your shoes I would go in for an HIV test immediately just to be POSITIVE something inst wrong. But from my knowledge on this topic I would say your mind is causing you to link all of these symptoms with HIV because of the scare you got, but that you don't have HIV. Again I must say you should definitely get an HIV test as soon as possible, and there are clinics that you can call that will do it anonymously, some are even walk in clinics. Your not alone, you can always seek help from these clinics and even your primary care doctor. Best of luck - Adam