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I am a male aged 64. For the last 10 days I am suffering from fever every evening. It is fine during the day but in the evening it starts with fever and pain in right jaw which extends to right side of the neck and head. Also nose starts to drip as if i am suffering from cold. Please suggest if anyone knows what this could be.


Hi Sumit,

It would be good if you could give us some information if you had history of some diseases. Also it would be very informative if you tell is if you are using some medication currently. Have you chanced anything ten days ago? For instance, your diet or maybe you started with some physical activities?

The symptoms that you have described could be indication of sinus infection. And it could be effective only when you lay down at night. Have you noticed any similar experience if you lay down during the day? Sinuses can be very painful, and they can cause very hard headaches. Did you experience any headaches during these attacks? You could try to use some over the count pain killers