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hi doctor,

one of my friend, she is not well like getting throat infection,vomitings at times, some times fever in the evenings and headache.Please give me your valuable advice and how to go about in this kind of condition.

Regards........ JAGADISH



Fever can be very problematic if it comes and goes very often. This means that you are having some problems with some kind of virus or bacteria. Have you taken any medication for the fever? Sore throat must be caused by the fever and dehydration. SO you have to keep your body hydrated all the time and don’t let your body to get tiered because it needs a lot of rest. You could try to boost your immune system to avoid any further complications with the fever. have you had any flu problems in last month or so? Try ginger and honey to ease the soreness in the throat. I hope this helped a bit.

Good luck,