I am going crazy. I'm 18, and I have been having awful, quick, jabbing chest pains and back pains and neck pains as well as similar but long, achey ones, headaches that throb, and come and go every day, swollen lymphnodes on one side of my neck (the left) especially one swollen very largely on my neck, body aches all over, sore, weak joints, especially on left side, slightly swollen tonsils, exhaustion, general unwell feeling, and this is ood- a fever of 100-101 sometimes 102 every evening but it goes away the next morning then returns! What on earth! I am in so much pain and I'm terrified. The signs lean towards lymphoma but I assume i'm just overreacting. Tomorrow I have an appointment with a neurologist to evaluate the vascular growth in my brain. I'm terrified of what's going on with me.