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I am a 40 yo female with consistent pain mid back at t6 thru t8 and ribs in same area when breathing in. Pain has been ongoing for 4 months. Treated for plursey, pneumonia, ( no change on antibotics or steroids), xrays and CT of lungs/spine came back negative for anything. I have HLA-b27+ spondyloarthropathy, fusion at c4-c7, and a hysterectomy. I currently take Humira weekly(40mg) Lyrica (75mg x2day), Lunesta nightly(3mg), and pain meds as needed.

Pain worsens in the evening, when i lay on my stomach or back, and the deeper the breath i take the worse the pain gets. When breathing with my diaphragm, pain is not as bad, but any chest expansion ( expansion range is normal) causes severe pain. When i started the lyrica my pain was at a 7- 8 and after being on it for a month it has dropped to a 3 - 4. Pain seems to go straight through my body, from back to front, tender to the touch at 2 ribs in the T6-T8 region.

I saw an osteopathic doctor today for the 2nd time and he told me that i have "a wrinkle in the lining of a muscle". But other than telling me to continue to do my stretches and pressure point therapy he gave me no indication of getting better. Pain meds to not help with this pain, flexril does nothing for it, the Lyrica helps but only dulls the pain does not make it go away.

I would like to know whats wrong then just mask the problem, but i can not seem to find out what is wrong. I can not find ANYTHING on the internet about "a wrinkle in the lining of a muscle".

I am very aware of my body and what is going on with it.

If anyone has had a similar condition or might be able to enlighten me please help!


OMG... I read your post and thought I was reading my own medical history. I am a 32yr old female and have had really similar pain in the places you are describing since 2004. i have had many scans and am still without an actual diagnosis. I'm not sure I can help you, but know that you are not suffering from this alone.