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Hi was wondering if anyone would be able to give me some advice. This past week Ive been having headaches, low grade fever, swollen lymph glands, first on the right then this abated followed by the left. This gland has remained swollen. I took myself of to my local countryside clinic (I live in Japan) and the doctor felt the gland, asked a few questions, took a blood test and decided I had a bacterial infection. He did this on the basis of the White Blood Count which was 97 * 102/uL. Is this high? Is it an indication of bacterial infection. What ever happened to the old petri dish...hmmm. The antiobiotic he gave me was azithromycin, no noticeable improvement at the end of day two. In fact temperature is up to 39 degrees no so off to bed.
Anyways, meant to be teaching tomorrow so would appreciate any learned advice from netspace, thank you.

As an aside I often suffer from sinus problems, as recent as a month ago and lost my tonsil line of defence when I was 22. Anyhoos, as they say over here yorishiku onegaishemasu (thank you in advance for any assistance you might be able to offer)



Well, my condition deteriorated and a I spent a few days in the local hospital fighting a high fever and was put on an antibiotic drip, pansporin. Back home now, feeling listless, continuing antibiotics but none the wiser for what bacteria/virus is the culprit. Doctor is going to get blood and tissue samples sent away for analysis. Mysterious. Fever is gone and white blood cell count is going down so hopefully on the mend.