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How would I go about finding a dentist to take care of my teeth with multiple medication allergies? I am allergic to all antibiotics, local and general anesthesia. I have had to leave 2 dentists already because the first one blamed me and used a local that he knew wouldn't work and then got mad at me when I had a reaction in the chair. The second one uses the Lidocaine anyway and then says it's just nerves when I can't breathe. I am considering the only other local dentist because I don't like traveling an hour or more in the winter. I was planning to go in and ask what they do for people with multiple medication allergies but I am afraid they would jsut say they woudl respect my allergy list but then do the opposite. I am already afraid of dentists because of a terrible dentist as a child so I would like to avoid dentists all together but can't because I need work done. I am also afraid that dentists will soon refuse to take me on because I leave for a new one every 2-3 years.


Hello Melissa

First of all you need to take care about your teeth. Before choosing a dentist you confirm the dentist is professional, experienced or not. 2nd thing is you can read a review about the Dentist in Google or many reputed sites also. Otherwise you can ask to your friends also. Before six month I am also suffering from this issue. So please study about Dentist in your local area.