I have been successfully using Methadone. I have been on it for multiple years. I am on a taper plan for detoxing. I currently am @ 75 MG. The first 2 years I slept fine. Now I have been having severe night terrors for 8 months. I Usually dont get them. If I save some a little bit of methadone for before Bed. I then sleep fine, through the night without night terrors or waking sweaty every half hour(to kick off covers,then wake 30 mins later cold). I believe the medication has changed my brain chemistry, relating to dopamine/seratonin. I believe prolonged methadone use causes many Non documented( or just not mentioned by pharm companies) side effects. especially within the brains reward systems. I feel when i started methadone, I slept great through the night (at least 30 hours from taking). But prolonged use makes you only hold stable without sweats/anxiety for aroung 16-20 hours. Making single daily doses not very manageble. I am afraid that taking methadone has resulted in a severe sleeping disorder. Hopefully, I wont still have them Once off of methadone? Also I am 25, Its rare for an Adult without hypoglycemia to have such severe night terrors? Also methadone is horrible for teeth. Most dentists/doctors believe the dental problems are just because you Once were a drug addict. But I always took great care of my teeth. I only had a single cavity before methadone and regularly visited the dentist. Actually it was my dentist who Noticed such a severe/fast change. Two listed Methadone side effect 's are bone density loss and dry mouth. So what happens in your mouth is. That saliva in mouth repairs/delivers the minerals and calcium need to maintain deantal health. But your body isnt obsorbing the calcium(citrate) it needs. Without this calcium or the saliva to deliver it,Your teeth are being Used without any repair. The teeth side effect had been proven on post mortem methadone patients. But Neither of these two side effect are recognized Nore warned against By Pharm companies. Anyone on methadone should be daily taking Calium Citrate( with Vitamin D) along with their other daily vitamin supplements.