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I just stumbled on this forum, but need help fast. Two dentists have suggested that I have all of my teeth extracted. This is the same fate that many in my family have suffered - mom, grandmothersm, etc. and may or may not be a hereditary thing. In truth, I am also guilty or having compromised my general and dental health by smoking cigarettes

The latest dentist said that although my teeth do not look like it, I have serious peridontal disease. Beyond repair which means that I will eventually lose all of my teeth anyway, and to try to keep them could cause me heart trouble. In fact, one tooth is slowly expelling itself.

I am scheduled to get all of my teeth extracted and to get implants on lower dentures.. As much as I hate the idea of false teeth ( afraid it will limit my ability to eat raw fruits, vegs, nuts, seeds, etc) I feel tht I have no other options.

I am wondering though, what long term effect having my teeth removed could mean for my overall health. Can this in anyway start/contribute to an overall decline in my health? Are they any naturopathic alternatives? Are there naturopathic dentists in or near Richmond Virginia that I can consult? Help please.


Unfortunately I cannot help you, but you need to find a good dentist to get all your teeth extracted. You know here in the UK,it really took me a lot of time to find a decent dentists and then she retired. Now I have to start from the very scratch. But then Another solution came to my mind as some people told me about a clinic in Poland , dentalpoland or something where 3 implants are more than 30% cheaper. Many Britons fly there. How much will you pay for all this treatment?