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I have a unique question.

I have recently had 3 stents placed on my left coronary arteries and subsequently did not do as well as hoped on followup stress test.

As a result I completed a Nuclear Stress Test and Echocardiogram

Result are

Echo - All good and normal

Nuclear shows "section of Scar tissue from what my GP says must have been a minor heart attack


Ok, so what's the question? I have CAD, and my echo didn't show anything either. My cardiologist says that EKGs, echos, etc. only check for abnormalities with the heart itself, but CAD is with the blood vessels surrounding the heart, so it's only seen in stress tests. My cardiologist also says that during the 5 months my GP was telling me it was just anxiety that I've had a couple of minor heart attacks too. What does yours say to do about it?
Good luck and good health!