hi i was wondering if anyone could help me. i'm 26 year old female and started having pain in my pelvic region left side and some deep pain after sex. also had some pain duirng my period which i never really had before but have the birth control implant implanon in so they aren't very regular. went to the doactor about this and he sent me for pelvic and abdo ultrasounds which came back as normal. then stated to have chronic lower back pain and flank pain went back to the doctor and he did and internal and said chances ae that is is endometriosis but you will need a laprioscapy to diagnose that 100%. now have the occasional stich like pain under my ribs on the left side a sore neck and swollen gland begind my ear and near my collar bone and a raging headache this has all come on in the last month(except pelvic pain) all on the left side of my body not sure if this is two seperate conditions or all these symptoms piont to the one thing