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Hi all. Since november of last year i have been having pelvic pain and discomfort when urinating. At first they thought it was a UTI but urine tests showed no infection. Prostatitis was suspected and I was given a months course of antibiotics which didn't help. Since then my symptoms haven't improved and if anything they've got worse. These include pain in both sides between my rib cage and hips but mainly on my left side, pain in my left hip and around my groin. The tissue in my sides feels lumpy and its uncomfortable if I press those areas. My lower ribs on left side feel tender. Hips both sides feel tender. I still have discomfort when I urinate. I have spells of lightheadedness and my legs ache. I also have discomfort below my belly button which drives me crazy at times - its like someone's constantly sticking their finger in there!! Tests so far include bloods to check for prostate cancer and high calcium, ultrasound and xray of both kidneys and bladder - both normal. Urologist checked my prostate and said it felt normal. Ive just had a CT scan but waiting for results. If anyone has any idea what this is id be so grateful.



I haven't experienced this myself, but my ex boyfriend went through something similar to what you describe happening due to kidney stones. Every time the stone moved, the pain was visibly terrible. But I'm not sure if an x-ray is enough to detect smaller kidney stones, my ex had to have an ultrasound done as well and that's when we saw tiny, almost sand like stones that were causing so much pain.

If you have kidney stones ruled out by now, it might be your spleen that's causing the pain. It's not something that happens often, but spleen can get inflamed too. If that's the cause, CT will detect it.

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Hi Nicole

Thanks for your reply. My Urologist seems to be testing for Kidney Stones and that's why I had the CT Scan. I have had xrays and ultrasound of the urinary system but they said that kidney stones don't always show up on these tests. I have had suspected kidney stones about 10 years ago and I certainly remember the pain then and it's way above the discomfort i'm getting now. My flank areas and below my belly button feel constantly uncomfortable. I don't think it's my bowels as I have regular movements and always ok - never D or C. 

Any more ideas anyone??