I've been having pain in my abdomin/pelvic area durning sex and masturbation. I've been to alot of doctors...one found polps in my intestin after colonoscopy and after endocscopy found ulcers and my intestines swollen ive taken the medicine he gave me and has helped some but im still nauseous all the time. Another doctor did lapiscopy thinking i have endometriosis and found a cyst and blisters on my left ovary but he did biopsies and says i dont have the endo. but does not know where to go from there or have any idea what it is.I have the Implanon under my arm and before i had the depo when these spams started. These spasms i get are very painful where i have to take vicodin or other pain medicine. I'm also nauseous alot. Is there anything you can tell me of what it might be and to tell my doctor to look for or anything i can do? please help. Thanks!