For the past 8 months, I have had left flank pain. It had started first as a UTI that apparently backed in to the kidney. After 4 months the uroligist said the infection had cleared up, however I still had alot of excruciating left flank pain. After many ultrasounds, urine samples and blood work, Ct scans one regular and one with contrast, cystscoptosy,and a renalgram scan, they found 2 kidney stones in my right kidney, but nothing was found to be wrong with the left one where all the pain is. All other organs in the area look to be fine according the the CT's. All any doctor and the urologist are saying now is that they are confused.

I'm just wondering now after what looked like it may have been a rib bone (the last one on the left) was protruding out my back, but then went back into place, now just a slight indentation under that rib by the kidney area is there. The er doctor said it was some kind of costochondritis.

Have I possibily been dealing with inflammation to the cartilidge in the ribs for the past eight months and not the left kidney? Can stones on the right side cause pain on the left? Since I feel most pain when the bladder is full can that cause the ribs to hurt?? ANy clue to why the rib would pop out and then go back to place????

The pain is all isolated to just around the left kidney/last rib area and become imobilizing.