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1st post hopefully somoene here can give me advise becase I have given up!


I have right flank pain, frequent urination at night, starting and stopping of urine and not emptying blatter. I am 35 years old and this has been going on for 7 years. It started out very slowly, just frequent urination at night, no flank pain, then flank pain only when i laid on my right side now the pain is constant all day.

Went to my Dr. a few years ago had mri and x rays and blood tests. no kidney stones or anything he could see that would cause the pain, blood tests came back ok too. He then sent me to a urologist, he did a rectal prostate exam, that was fine. Urologist decided to put me on uroxotrol. In the beginning it worked really well. I only had to take 1 pill 1x a week and I had no urge to unrinate at night and no flank pain. After about 2 years I had to start taking the medication once every 3 days, now I take it everyday and it really does no good. I am not sure if my body has become use to the medicine or the problem is something else all togther. Went back to both doctors recently and my regular doctor has no idea. He thinks its muscular skelatal, I know it is not. My urologist does not think its bph but he claims medication relaxes the muscles. I went and got a 2nd opinion from another urologists and basically got into an arguement with him because he said uroxotrol only stays in the system 24 hours so that medicine is doing nothing for me. I dont deny that it may stay in my system for only 24 hours but all i know is in the beginning i had all these symptoms and after taking the meds it went away. I also had a colonoscopy done which came back fine.

As of now I dont know what to do, I am in constant pain in my right flank and can not sleep at night due to the pain. I need to find new doctors but I am sick of going and paying these guys to tell me they have dont know what the problem is. I have no idea if it a kidney, gallbaldder or diffrent problem all together. It has really affected my life and I am really worried it is life threatening.




Man, I have the same thing! I have this dull ache that wraps around from the back to the front and down to my groin. Stretching it makes it worse. Something swells in my back (lower ribcage) and I can only notice it when seated against something. My last few ribs are tender in the back (like someone has punched me) and are tender all the way to the ends. Standing or sitting for to long aggravates it. My back it sore just on the right side, closest to the the vertebra (valley of sorts) in the middle. I can touch right there and it is sore, but it's only 2", 3" in length. I can put my thumb right on the tender spot. This seems to radiate out from there to my right flank and wraps around.
My other thought was a Kidney infection/disease or UTI, but these shouldn't last this long. I've had this for nearly 12yrs, off and on. Stress brings this on fast. It will last anywhere from 3wks to 6wks. It will eventually subside, but will return. I've had 4 occurrences this year alone, and suffering from the forth as I write. I have been to the Doctor, but nothing major has been found.

1.) Cat-Scan with & W/O contrast.
2.) Abdominal X Ray / Lower thorax spinal X-Ray
3.) Urine test
4.) Blood
5.) Ultrasound

Urine had high protein (20) 9 being the limit

Some blood in urine (<2.0) is what it said

Cat-Scan showed several small cysts no bigger the 5mm in my right kidney.

Other then that, nothing. Eating does not effect it, other then masking it with a full stomach. I do sit allot at the computer (work & home). I bike anywhere form 5-20 miles a week, this does not effect it. I feel good on the bike. My right testicle is sore. My right glutinous max feels weird.
This seems to high for appendicitis, and only really hurts in that location if I stretch a certain way, other then that it aches. I can cough, laugh, sneeze, nothing, no pain, just a constant dull ache and pressure. My doctor thinks I have a pinched nerve in the back and she may be right. Aleve helps some, but very little, and Flexeril doesn't seem to do anything. If I lift my right leg (putting on a sock) I feel pressure just above bladder. I have read that people have this same thing on the "left" side as well.

I am trying a gluten free diet (3 days so far) and nothing. My next appointment, I want an MRI. I want to know what this really is. I doubt gallbladder. I think Kidney or back.... 


You have a kidney stone forming.


I am having the same problem but i am not sure what is the symptoms of pain in my right kidney. I have consult a doctor and taking medicines as i have gone through a proper checkup and also i am sure that i have no kidney stones according to my reports but still this pain is killing me. I have done lot of research myself on this and i have found several symptoms. Does these symptoms cause kidney pain ***this post is edited by moderator *** *** posting of web addresses is not allowed*** Please read our Terms of Use as i have no issues like these so what is the actual problem of my pain ?