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So recently, when me and my girlfriend had sex. there was a light rip feeling and felt a hard sesation and immidiotly pulled out and we took a look after cleaning up the blood we noticed that i had ripped that thing that connects the foreskin to the penis. exactly like the thing holding your toungue to your mouth. i am shittting bricks right now, as i do not want to get a circumsision. everytime i get an erection there is a stinging pain, and there is minor bleeding, after a couple weeks of healing and no activity to the penis the rip was healed on both sides (penis head and foreskin). we then tried sex again and i felt the same rip and the stinging pain then the bleeding occured again. i am wondering what is next, i dont know what to do.

Someone please give me some feedback

Your fellow man


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I had the same thing happen when I first began having sex. When it tore, I put a piece of toilet paper on the open wound to keep it from healing back together again and rolled the foreskin back over it. That made it a little longer each time. After several times it was finally long enough so it didn't tear any more and my foreskin goes all the way back just like it's not there.

Some guys pay a doctor to do this for them.
I got it for free.